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Patent Act 2018-07-12 Download
Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form 2020-04-09 Download
TMU Cost-sharing and Income-distribution Agreement 2019-12-13 Download
TMU Technology Licensing Public Selection Form 2018-07-12 Download
TMU Technical Self-assessment Form for Inventor 2019-12-13 Download
TMU Development Plan of Technology Licensee 2019-12-13 Download
TMU Application Form for Technology Licensee 2018-07-12 Download
Patent Technology Briefing Slide 2018-07-12 Download
Intellectual Property Rights Agreement (Mutual) 2019-03-15 Download
Intellectual Property Rights Agreement (Multiparty) 2019-03-06 Download
Invention Disclosure Form for Patent Application (Personal Information Protected) 2018-07-12 Download
Patent Application Consent Form for Faculty 2018-07-12 Download
Material Transfer Agreement 2019-11-18 Download
The Guide of Cortellis, A Globe Drug Development Searching System 2019-03-06 Download
The Guide of Derwent Innovation, A Globe Patent Searching System 2018-11-19 Download