Leading TMU to accomplish the development of translational medicine in strategies with its rich medical resources. Marketing to domestic and international markets, let innovative research be transformed into real industry applications and expand the biotechnology landscape.
Category Date Title
Program Application 2023-08-15 The 2023 University-Industry cooperation project to promote technology products via production and broadcast by National Science and Technology Council Top Hot
Government News 2023-08-07 The organizational regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture and its affiliated institutions will come into effect on August 1 2023
NEWS 2023-06-26 [HOT !!]2023 TMU BioMed Accelerator Joint Demo Day 2023/07/29(六)11:30-16:30 Top Hot
Events 2023-06-07 Briefing sessions of National Science and Technology Council University-Industry Collaboration 5-in-1. It is the peak period for soliciting cases, teachers are kindly invited to participate Top Hot
Program Application 2023-05-30 The National Science and Technology Council ‘Forward-looking Technology Industry-Academia Collaboration Project’ for 2023 year has an internal solicitation deadline of July 17, 2023 at 8:59am. If applying for the ‘Forward-looking Technology Research and D Top Hot
NEWS 2023-05-17 [Announcement on stationed in investment in Shuangho Biomedical Park] Taiwan’s first Innovation Park of ‘Medical University X Medical Centre X Biomedical Industry’ Top Hot
Program Application 2023-05-15 2023/2 University-Industry Collaboration Research Project. Accept application from 16 May 2023 to 3 July 2023 Top Hot
Program Application 2023-05-08 University- Industry Collaboration Project (University- Industry Small Alliance) Top Hot
Program Application 2023-04-19 The 2024 Agricultural Technology Industry-University Collaboration Project, the deadline for receiving submissions is 17:00 on May 5, 2023 Top Hot
Program Application 2023-03-30 National Science and Technology Council Industry-University Collaboration Project, the 2023 call for proposals will be officially announced in April-May.