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In April, 2014, the university established TMU Biotech Co., Ltd. Several affiliated companies were also established, which are listed below.
TMU CarePlus Pharmacy Group operates an innovative pharmacy chain. Wisdom Healthcare Consulting Co., Ltd. is responsible for hospital management counseling and consultation affairs. Dun Long Co., Ltd. manages hospital postrehabilitation treatments, including consultations on Pilates and reproductive medicine. Other affiliated companies are Elite Digital Medical Management Co., Ltd, which manages consultations on dental implants, pediatric dentistry, and the development of computer-aided design and manufacturing dentistry; TMU Consulting Co., Ltd. focus on homecare and long-term care.
Additionally, we manages 20 other university-derived startup businesses(as shown in the picture below). The purpose of the shareholding operating model is to expand the scope of TMU’s research and core medical capacity. Moreover, the university aims to sustain its operation by integrating the university, hospital, transnational network, and biomedical industry for the purpose of establishing an industry value-chain layout and revenue cycle.