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Division Director 

Teresa Tsai



  • Coordinating the affairs of the Division of Operation and Management
  • Planning and executing fundraising for startup businesses
  • Planning and executing the supervision and management of biomedical businesses
  • Planning and promoting the development of startup businesses
  • Handling the board affairs of TMU Biotech Co., Ltd
  • Assisting in the convening of board meetings of university-owned business and formulating internal control procedures
  • Assisting in the establishment of company structures as well as the planning of financial and tax affairs
  • Other relevant administrative matters

Project Manager

Alvin Chang



  • Development of startup businesses
  • Risk assessment, industry analysis, and technical and professional due diligence for the investment of startup businesses
  • Negotiating investment agreements regarding startup companies, drafting relevant transaction documents, and developing the structures
  • Monitoring the financial and operational statuses of startup businesses
  • Managing the establishment of university-owned companies (including shareholder agreements, company types, and equity and financial planning)
  • Equity management of University-owned and university-derived startup businesses (tracking and reporting operational status as well as the evaluation and analysis of operational performance)

Administrative Staff

Page Wu



  • Convening meetings of the Committee of Business Development
  • Managing the affairs of university-owned and university-derived startup businesses (including the assignment of trustees and supervisors, changes of company registration, and follow-ups of major topics in board and shareholder meetings)
  • Organizing in-service training courses on such topics as company management, financial and tax affairs, marketing, and fundraising
  • Assisting in affairs that concern the board of trustees of university-owned businesses, internal control, and internal audits
  • Providing consultation services in accordance with the Company Act and company registration
  • Designating a window for returning compiled and organized documents (including administrative council meetings, university affairs meetings, board meetings, and school evaluations)
  • Updating and maintaining regulations inside and outside of university and regulations concerning internal-control procedures
  • Assisting startup companies in applying for entrepreneurial resources
  • Establishing and managing the division’s annual budget
  • Maintenance of the division’s website
  • Other relevant administrative tasks as well as updating and maintain regulations
  • Website maintenance and management
  • Other relevant administrative matters