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Company Introduction

3D Global Biotech Inc. was founded in December 2014 with technology transfer from TMU - Research Center for Biomedical Devices and Prototyping Production and capital alliance with Diamond BioFund. The Company focuses on human cell/tissue/organ reconstructed implant medical devices with the vision to promote 3D Bio-printing to become one of Taiwan's top leading industries in the international arena.
Aesop Technology was founded in 2019 aiming to optimize the process of clinical decision support with more flexible AI-powered technology to enhance patient safety and the quality of medical coding.
V-CHECK Inc. is committed to helping on improving global women's health. Through solid translational research experiences in biomedicine and professional product development processes, the V-CHECK team can identify effective biomarkers, apply appropriate detection platforms, and develop high-quality in vitro diagnostic products for women's diseases.
Calgent Biotech, a spin-off company of Taipei Medical University (TMU), was established in 2019 and thrives on applying science and technology to drug development. We are committed to developing innovative drugs for novel therapeutic cancer targets and various treatments for inflammatory and immune system-related diseases.
CytoArm i
s a cell therapy startup company established in 2020, The company is led by world-classed drugs and management teams of a broad multi-nation technology patent portfolio with continuous new patents.
Smart Surgery is emerging as the leader in applied Artificial Intelligence in minimally invasive surgery technologies. Our mission is to fundamentally improve surgery quality and record the surgical procedure intensively. With our visual computing AI model, we deliver services including: surgery simulation system, medical image automatic labelling and surgery assistance system that to better facilitate the development of education and surgical operation.
ASKiN provides professional consultation conducted by dermatologists through convenient digital platforms. Every patient retains their privacy by entering the meeting anonymously. Most importantly, all we care about is helping our patients get rid of their skin issues.
Radica Health is a privately-held company based in Taipei and works with hospitals across Asia. We are a deeply passionate team of healthcare and health IT veterans with the belief that comprehensive care is the right of all people.
Guzip Biomarkers Corporation is a 2018 spin-out company from Taipei Medical University. Our company has put great effort into developing a diagnostic tool for endometrial cancer.

The company was acquired by Phalanx Biotech Group on December 30th, 2021, and is now a 100% owned subsidiary of Phalanx BioTech Group.
JW Diagnostics Inc. provide comprehensive and high-quality tests and molecular analysis services for precision medicine in the fields of preventive health management, maternal and child care, and medical decision-making for cancer therapies by cooperating with Taipei Medical University.
Nanoplus Life is committed to being an expert in the protection and care of skin and mucosa. Nanoplus Life has patented technology to manufacture high pH, high stability Nano Ion Water. Through co-development with professional medical labs, with safety, effectiveness, cleaning and caring as core values, adding effective ingredients such as natural and plant extracts to develop a series of products. Nanoplus Life is developing products to achieve the goal of cleaning, antibacterial and also absorption of effective ingredients to human skin and different parts of the mucosa membrane
JunHong Biotech was founded by Pro. Rong-Hong Hsieh (Dean of TMU College of Nutrition) and Lord Duke Biotech in 2018. The company specialize in the development and application of functional ingredients and its patented application of Xanthone has been the core technology to produce much safer health supplements for the public.
tYDS Biotech Inc. is a technologically advanced medical device company located in Hsinchu, Taiwan. tYDS is committed to developing high-quality medical devices for dental applications and improving oral health based on cutting-edge biomaterial technologies.  tYDS is a pioneer in developing and manufacturing biomaterials and medical devices that will benefit patients and provide convenience for professional personnel.
SP Biomed was founded in 2014, with a mission to provide genetic testing services supporting and boosting precision and personalized medicine. The company dedicates itself to genomics application and development ranging from cancer and autoimmune disease to long-term health management.
Taivital Biopharmaceutical is a promising biotechnology company with a QMS plant facility committed to manufacturing and developing the highest quality of antibodies for in vitro clinical diagnosis and therapeutic vaccines for disease treatment and prevention.
T-JET Meds, founded in 2021, specializes in a carotid ultrasonography report system. With the AI-driven application, the system can produce professional testing reports with speed and accuracy.