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The 2023 Southern Taiwan Science Park emerging technology application project
  1. According to the Implementation points of the National Science and Technology Council’s Science Park Emerging Technology application plan
  2. In order to implement the policy focus of high economic benefits and industrial innovation, and encourage scientific undertakings to form alliances with different industries or academic forces to jointly engage in the research and development of emerging technologies, this year’s priority solicitation themes are as follows:
    1. Precision health field
    2. Intelligent machinery
    3. Next-generation integrated optical communication field
    4. Other preferred subjects
      1. Development of clean-tech, green energy carbon reduction technology equipment and components
      2. Development of distributed energy management and advanced energy storage technology
      3. Development of data-driven application software and hardware solutions
    5. Applications for projects in the above-mentioned fields will be given priority consideration 
  3. The open solicitation period is from now until October 31 2023 (Tuesday) 5pm. The period of the plan is divided into 1-year period and 2-year period. The execution start date is from April 1 2024
  4. Those who are interested in applying for this program, please refer to the "Application Instructions" and "Application Manual", and visit our website (https://www.stsp.gov.tw/) for more information
  5. Application briefing session:
    1. Time: September 12 2023 (Tuesday) 2pm-3pm
    2. Location: Conference Room 401, Kaohsiung Campus
  6. Contact: Miss Lee, 06-5051001 ext 2128, tiffany@learnmore.com.tw; Miss Fu, 06-5051001 ext 2152, ytfu@learnmore.com.tw; Miss Lin, 06-5051001 ext 6331. mesha@learnmore.com.tw