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2023 NSTC Sports Technology Industry-Academia Collaboration Project
2023‘Sports Technology Industry-Academia Collaboration Project’ (online application)
Proceed in accordance with the "Operation Key Points of the NSTC’s Subsidized Industry-Academic Cooperation Research Program", "NSTC Official Letter", "Solicitation Instructions", "Application Form" (Appendices 1, 2, 3)
1. From now on ~ The system deadline is 13:30 pm on October 30, 2023
2. If you have equipment to offset the capital contribution, please submit an original copy of the application form CM20A (printed by the manufacturer) to Manager Liu of the Office of Business Development (4th Floor, Biomedical Technology Building, Shuangho Campus) before 13:30 on October 23, 2023

Project timeline
Project background
It can be seen from the investment directions of international venture capital funds in 2019 that venture capital funds are gradually moving towards improving sports performance, making venues smarter, and fan community management. It can also be seen from Taiwan's sports output that it is gradually keeping up with international trends, and its growth rate is even better than that of the United States, Japan, Britain, Australia, etc. Therefore, a consensus was reached at the 2021 Taiwan Sports x Technology Strategy Insights (SRB), which resolved to strengthen cross-department collaboration, introduce cross-domain innovation into smart entertainment, and build a consumer-oriented sports participation ecosystem as the driving directions, hoping to achieve technological. With the goal of leading the way, increasing output value, and vitalizing the people, we will accomplish the vision of 2030 Smart Education Sports Everywhere.
The NSTC calls for the " Sports Technology Industry-Academia Collaboration Project" based on this policy to encourage universities, colleges, academic research institutions and enterprises to jointly invest in the field of value-added application technologies with high added value, and to seek opportunities for digitalization, personalization and entertainment. It covers software, hardware, system integration products or services such as sports competition, sports leisure, health promotion experience, event viewing, new entertainment activities, inclusive public communities, and field verification and other research projects to promote national health and enhance the capacity of sports science and technology in our country.

(1) Assistant professor or above.
(2) Have served as a lecturer for three years or more, and have published works in famous academic journals or patented technical reports at local or abroad.
(3) Personnel with a doctoral degree and employed as an assistant researcher or above or with equivalent qualifications.
(4) Medical-related personnel who have served as an attending physician in an affiliated hospital for more than two years or who have obtained a master's degree and have engaged in research work for three years or more, and whose works have been published in famous academic journals at home and abroad.

Contact person
1. Senior Manager Yafang Liu of the Office of Business Development (Shuangho Campus Extension #2 15417), Ms. Zirong Chen (Extension #2 15421)
2. For application system operation problems, please contact the NSTC Information Customer Service, hotline: 0800-212-058, (02)2737-7590, (02)2737-7591, (02)2737-7592.

Briefing session
2023/10/18 (Wed) 11:00~12:00
Location:Room 613, 6th Floor, Administration Building, University of Taipei, Tianmu Campus
Registration: https://forms.gle/pymBF3NBzAFHqJme8(Video participants please be sure to note, the login link will be notified afterward)
If you have any questions, please contact the Program Office (02)27090638#225 Miss Zeng
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