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2024 Industrial-Academic Cooperation Research Project by the NSTC
Project purpose
2024 Industrial-Academic Cooperation Research Project (Online application)
Proceed in accordance with the "Operation Key Points of the National Science and Technology Commission's Subsidized Industry-Academic Cooperation Research Project", "National Science and Technology Commission Solicitation Letter", "Solicitation Announcement", and "Project Application Form" (Appendices 1, 2, 3)

Solicitation period
1. From now until the system deadline is 13:30 pm on January 8, 2024 (Monday).
2. If you have equipment to offset the capital contribution, please submit an original copy of the application form CM20A (printed by the manufacturer) to Manager Liu of the Office of Business Development (4th Floor, Shuanghe Campus) before 13:30 on January 2, 2024.

Execution period

Project overview
In order to implement leading and practical technology and knowledge application research in academia, integrate and use R&D resources, unleash the R&D energy of colleges and universities and academic research institutions, combine the needs of private enterprises, and encourage enterprises to actively participate in applied research in academia to cultivate enterprise R&D potential, and talents to enhance product added value and management service performance.

(1) Assistant professor or above.
(2) Serve as a lecturer for three years or more, and have works published in popular academic journals or patented technical reports at local and abroad.
(3) Personnel with a doctoral degree and employed as an assistant researcher or above or with equivalent qualifications.
(4) Medical-related personnel who have served as an attending physician in an affiliated hospital for more than two years or have obtained a master's degree and have been engaged in research work for three years, and whose works have been published in popular academic journals at local and abroad.

Contact person
1. Senior Manager Yafang Liu of the Office of Business Development (Shuanghe Campus, ext #2 15417)
2. For application system operation problems, please contact the NSTC Customer Service,: 0800-212-058, (02)2737-7590, (02)2737-7591, (02)2737-7592.

NSTC Announcement 

On-campus activities 
Topic: "Application and Experience Sharing for NSTC Industry-Academic Cooperation Program"
Time: 2023/11/23 (Thursday) 12:30-13:30 
Location: Biodesign, 5th Floor, Shuanghe Campus (If you are able to participate, please register in advance to prepare lunch boxes)
Registration: https://ehrd.tmu.edu.tw/eHRD/Homepage.html

1. Solicitation Letter
2. Solicitation Announcement
3. Application Form