Professor Lin Chun-mao, as the present Dean of TMU office of Business Development, the former Director of Department of Human Research, is not only responsible for promoting study results applied to industry cooperation but also expanding the value of studies. Professor Lin has served in TMU over twenty years; during the past two decades, he had taken up the Director position of TMU Core Facility Center, Center of Academia and Industry Collaboration, TMU Joint Biobank, as well as the Vice Dean of Research & Development. Whenever Professor Lin takes on a new position, he will plan a sustainable and flexible plan for the unit in order to keep the business continually working and outputting performance. 

Professor Lin is also a specialist in Enzymology, Design of Small Molecular Compounds, and Study of Biological Activities. In recent years, he has even determined the connection of drugs and nanomaterials in order to increase the technical developments the effects of medicine. In the aspect of academic services, Professor Lin has been the reviewer of multiple worldwide academic journals as well as the editor member of J Food Drug Analysis. Being an adjunct patent reviewer in the Intellectual Property Office of the R.O.C Ministry of Economic Affairs for over twenty years, Professor Lin has been rewarded as a remarkable committee member. Moreover, Prof.Lin has also been the judge of the National Invention and Creation Award as well as the International Invention Technology Competition. Not only has he recommended countless results of industrial value of R&D, but also has witnessed these successful promotions bringing beneficial effects to national economics.