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Job Title






(Sr. Manager)

(Industry liaison experts)

Long-Shyan Horng



  • Industry–academia collaborative affairs of the College of Oral Medicine and three affiliated hospitals
  • Coordinating all affairs and performing center-wise labor division
  • Coordinating and planning the management and development strategies of all projects
  • Assisting in consulting teachers on in-system business setup and establishing startup businesses
  • Assisting businesses in becoming residents in the Incubation Operation Center
  • Project management of governmental projects related to industry–academia collaboration
Project Manager Ya-Fang Liu 2012 vict101@tmu.edu.tw
  • Industry–academia collaborative affairs of the College of Pharmacy (Graduate Institute of Pharmacognosy), College of Nutrition, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and College of Public Health.
  • Innovative business setup and course planning for in-service training
  • Talent cultivation and employment affairs
  • Contact person for affairs related to startup businesses

Project Manager
(Industry liaison experts)

Katie Chou  2005 katiechou@tmu.edu.tw
  • Conduct university–industry collaboration businesses for the College of Oral Medicine, College of Management, College of Nursing, Center for General Education, and administrative units.
  • Analyze, manage, and promote the research and development results of responsible units.
  • Assist teachers of responsible units when applying for government–university–industry special projects.
  • Recruit TMU GLORIA members, understand member needs, and provide member services.
  • Organize alliance resources, propose development strategies for commercializing technology, promote university–industry collaboration projects, and assist enterprise members when connecting to technology platforms in TMU.
  • Assist TMU AI company special projects. 

Project Manager
(Industry liaison experts)

Sharon Yi



  • Industry–academia collaborative affairs of the College of Pharmacy (other than the Graduate Institute of Pharmacognosy), College of Biomedical engineering, and three affiliated hospitals.
  • Planning of all exhibitions and product launches in which the center participates
  • Contact person for promotional material
  • Contact person for businesses intending to move into the Incubation Operation Center and receive relevant assistance measures
Assistant Manager San-Yang Ku 2020 sebastianku@tmu.edu.tw
  • Assist in establishing software and hardware equipment and related documents for the TMU Accelerator.
  • Implement media marketing, public relations strategies, and website construction for the TMU Accelerator.
  • Conduct various activities and courses for the TMU Accelerator.
  • Maintain a cooperation partner database for the TMU Accelerator.
  • Manage internal resources and equipment for the TMU Accelerator.
  • Be responsible for Industrial Liaison Center website data updates and maintenance. 

Administrative officer

Eva Chiu



  • Negotiating and signing industry–academia collaborative contracts (including contracts with the Ministry of Science and Technology) as well as managing relevant funds (including accounting, payment to investigators, and hiring project assistants).
  • Convening meetings of the Review Committee of Concurrent Serving of Teachers as well as compiling and organizing relevant documents
  • Submitting applications for colleges, departments, and graduate institutes and presenting Excellent Performance Awards to the winning units
  • Reporting data on industry–academia collaborations (school affair database, institutional research database, monthly data from university administration council meetings, unscheduled data collected from each college, department, and graduate institute, and the Survey of Industrial Research and Development conducted by Taiwan Institute of Economic Research).
  • Organizing an industry–academia performance award and compiling sums of teaching hours
  • Contact person for industry–academia collaborative affairs

Administrative officer




  • Administrative affairs, such as writing off budgets, sending and receiving official documents, scheduling activities, and reporting performance data
  • Assisting in all activities, conferences,
  • in-service training courses, and routine meeting preparations of the Industry–Academia Collaboration and Incubation Operation Center
  • Managing and tracking the progress of industry–academia collaboration projects
  • The center's contact person for environmental safety and fire-prevention management
  • Secondary contact person for industry–academia collaborative affairs
Administrative officer Emma Chou 2008 emma2021@tmu.edu.tw
  • Manage TMU GLORIA budget write-offs (including purchasing and calling for tenders).
  • Assist in conducting various activities, meetings, and exhibitions for TMU GLORIA.
  • Be responsible for TMU GLORIA website data updates and maintenance.