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Job Title






(Project Manager)

Ya-Hui Tzeng



  • Draft and plan implementation of the overall development strategy of the center.
  • Organize various businesses from the center and manage their progress.
  • Draft promotion strategies and plan the implementation of various special projects.
  • Negotiate across units and organizations.
  • Cooperate for, plan, and compile data reports on school-wide projects. 

Project Manager

Shi-Bei Wu  (Barry)



  • Investigate in-school research and development projects and assist in industrializing technology.
  • Establish clinical demand development platforms for affiliated hospitals.
  • Advise technology commercialization for research and development teams.
  • Provide commercialization and innovative entrepreneurship resources to legal entities/ ventures/industries.
  • Advise the research and development teams at TMU when applying for government-type special commercialization projects.
  • Apply and implement the MOST ANCHOR UNIVERSITY Program (TMU SPARK).
  • Manage the MOST Taiwan Startup Program.

Assistant Manager

Vickie Lii



  • Establish a consulting and counseling platform for medicine/medical device regulations.
  • Plan and implement large-scale exhibitions and promotion activities (such as Bio Asia, Health Care Expo. Taiwan)
  • Manage the MOEA Industrial Value Creation Program for Academia.
  • Manage and maintain the Office of Business Development website.
  • Plan and manage a project management system.
  • Manage the center budget. 
Assistant Manager Sanna Chiang 2011 sanna@tmu.edu.tw
  • Apply artificial intelligence to establish a medical information–related regulation consulting and counseling platform.
  • Establish a management consultant talent pool and arrange counseling meetings.
  • Plan and conduct conferences and workshops.
  • Apply and implement the MOST Germination Program.
  • Manage the budgets for special projects and support the administration of other special projects.
Assistant Manager Vivian Hsieh 2021 vivi@tmu.edu.tw
  • Design and plan for the commercialization and innovative entrepreneurship course.
  • Establish an industry talent cultivation mechanism and platform.
  • Apply for and manage the MOST RAISE Program and MOE RSC Program.
  • Manage the special project budget.
  • Manage the document of the center and support administration.