HOME NEWS Media Report Representative of Maryland Economic Development visited Taipei Medical University Innovation Ecosystem
Representative of Maryland Economic Development visited Taipei Medical University Innovation Ecosystem
On March 27, 2023, Marc Elrich, the Executive of Montgomery County, led the chairman of economic development committee and startups to Taipei Medical University to seek industry-academic cooperation. Chen-Yu Chen, the vice president of TMU welcomed the team formed by the official and industry.

Marc Elrich, Executive of Montgomery County (left), Chen-Yu Chen, Vice President of Taipei Medical University (right), exchanged gifts.

Under the arrangement of the Office of Global Engagement, together with the Office of Business Development, Dr. Jowy, the CEO of Accelerator and doctor of Wanfang Hospital, introduced the innovation ecosystem of Taipei Medical University. At the same time, Professor Chien-Chung Chen, the CEO of MTAMTech corporation (startup derived from the university); Po-Han Chen, the CEO of the CancerFree (startup mentored and invested from the Accelerator); and Yi-Wen Wang, the vice president of QT Medical (startup mentored and invested from the Accelerator), each explained the development plan and potential in the US market.

Jowy, CEO of the Biomedical Accelerator, introduced Taipei Medical University, Office of Business Development and the resources of the Biomedical Accelerator.

The purpose of the Montgomery County team’s visit is to seek partners for the newly established Maryland Innovation Park. The newly established Institute for Health Computing in the park covers AI, machine learning, VR, AR, etc., and integrates the University of Maryland, industry, NIH, And the official resources of DC, to establish an innovative ecosystem.

The Montgomery County team and TMU have the same consensus on the development of the innovation ecosystem, and are highly optimistic about the future collaboration. The team immediately discussed with the BioMed Accelerator on the cooperation mentoring system, and also expressed their welcome to the TMU’s startups to visit Montgomery County, work together to successfully implement the wisdom output in the market.

Group photo of Maryland Economic Development representatives (Marc Elrich, Executive of Montgomery County; Natali Fan-Gonzalez, Director of Economic Development; Kevin Beverly, Chairman of the MCEDC Board; Gail Roper, Chief Information Officer; Judy Costello, Project Manager of Business Cooperation), and Taipei Medical University representatives (Chen-Yu Chen, Vice President; Chun-Mao Lin, Director of Office of Business Development; Jiunn-Horng Kang, Dean of the School of Medical Engineering; Kuei-Ru Chou, Director of Office of Global Engagement; Jowy, CEO of BioMed Accelerator; Sharon Yi, Deputy CEO of BioMed Accelerator; Professor Chien-Chung Chen, CEO of MTAMTech corporation; Po-Han Chen, CEO of CancerFree; Yi-Wen Wang, Vice President of QT Medical; Katie Chou, Senior Manager).