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Intellectual property rights refer to the rights protecting the intellectual products of human minds. These outcomes should be both the outcomes of human mental activity and capable of generating property value. Intellectual property rights protect the personal benefits of the rights owner and maintain legitimate transactions and competition orders in the business for the public interest.


Intellectual property rights regulated by Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

  • Copyright and relevant patents
  • Trademarks
  • Marks of origin
  • Industrial design
  • Patents
  • Integrated circuit layout
  • Protection of unpublished information (know-how)
  • Prevention and control of anticompetitive practices regarding contract authorization


Intellectual property management and technology transfer were originally responsibilities of the university’s Industry–Academia Collaboration and Incubation Operation Center. The registration of patents had been steadily growing as a result of university policy and active promotion. To achieve optimal service quality when managing patent registration within the university and technology promotion outside of the university, an independent (provisional) Division of Intellectual Property Management was established in 2018 to focus solely on the management of intellectual property and promotion of technology, and promoted to "Technology Transfer Center" in 2019. Additionally, experienced and talented professionals were recruited to improve the ability of the division to protect intellectual property rights, particularly copyrighted and unpublished information (know-how), and provide optimal services concerning intellectual property rights.